Saturday, May 2, 2015

I Joined A Motorcycle Gang

(Originally posted to March 27, 2015)

Fine, if we're being honest here, I didn't really “join” a biker gang. I co-founded a biker gang. Originally called “The Sons of Mild Disorder and Confusion,” I think we're in the process of renaming ourselves the more politically correct (and accurate, given our new members) “The Sons and Daughters of Mild Disorder and Confusion.”

Just read it...

Originally consisting of the three founding members, myself – Glenn “MFGB” Lewis, Jordan “Yup” Yip, and Luke “Kingslayer” Armstrong, our mission has been to ride our badass hogs around our island home of Jeju, South Korea, turn some heads, and raise hell.

Jordan "Yup" Yip

Glenn "MFGB" Lewis

Luke Kingsley "Kingslayer" Armstrong

Wait, that isn't true. Our actual mission statement is: “We ride together. We die together. Bad Boys for Life.” But it might look more gangster if it's written: “We ryde together. We dye together. Bad Boyz 4 Lyfe.” It's “gangster” to spell things incorrectly, isn't it? Specifically, 'i' should be replaced with 'y' whenever possible, in order to show just how gangster we really are. Of course, changing 'die' to 'dye' might cause some confusion, and fools who don't know no better might read this motto and think we're some kind of group for the advancement of illiterate fans of the dying of clothes. I don't know where we'll ultimately land on that one.

Wait, that isn't true, either. Our actual actual mission has to do with the objective of riding around and exploring Jeju when the weather is agreeable, exploring weird and / or abandoned places, and taking funny pictures of ourselves in and around these places.

This being primarily a photography website, here are some photos of a few places we've been:

There's a huge hotel just up the highway from where I live, and it seems that the construction stopped abruptly some years ago.  Today, it is huge, empty, and at times, scary.

Had this place ever been completed, I think this would have been a sauna / pool area.
The basement.  Probably scary at night.  A bit scary during the day.


Tammy.  A true Daughter of Mild Disorder and Confusion.

The Sons and Daughters of Mild Disorder and Confusion doing what they do best.  Taking weird pictures together.

Long exposure fun.

Still in the basement.

Still in the basement.

Plants are starting to grow inside.  I don't think much has happened here in years.
If we were going to release an album, this would be the cover.

Or maybe this would.

This gives some kind of scale to the site.
Another shot to give some kind of scale.

I think this would have been the front of the hotel, if it had been completed.

A couple of the rooms were even furnished.  I have a hypothesis: Perhaps a few rooms were furnished in order to show to potential investors.  Could have been a nice place.
No idea what to say about this.  A child's bed with a chandelier on it.  A child's chair.  A child's easel.  Behind me as I took this picture, there was a full-size desk and chair.  There was a Korean Bible (this IS Korea, after all) and a pen on the desk.

Anyone for a swim?

Our next adventure took us to "Jeogi Art Village" and the "Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art."  We found it completely by accident, as is the M.O. of the Sons and Daughters of Mild Disorder and Confusion.
Jordan enjoying some of the contemporary art.

Luke enjoying some of the contemporary art.

This is the first time I've ever ridden a flower-headed cheetah.

"Help!  I'm being eaten by a dinoshark!" is not a sentence most people get to say in their lives.

...nor is "I'm going for a ride on that dinoshark."
"Look, a monkeysheep!" is one more example of things people don't often get to say.

"To victory, on the back of tricorilla!"





And one more SaDoMDaC (It's pronounced "Saddam Dack") photo classic, again from the Jeoji Artist Village.  This shot is actually a nearly 360-degree panorama.

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